Whether it’s ringing phones, beeping alarm clocks, or kids jumping on the bed… there are so many ways that our mornings can be taken away from us.

When you start off your morning in a reactive state, you feel like you’re on your heels the entire day. You run from task to task, always feeling like you’re behind on life… rapidly reacting instead of calmly responding.

But if you carve out even a few minutes in the morning for yourself, you’ll be in a calmer, more grounded proactive state… and you will have control over your schedule, your mind, and your emotions for the entirety of the day.

Here are the five simple steps to cultivating the perfect morning routine. These tips work regardless of whether you have two minutes or two hours to yourself.

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“UA photo by Jeremy Thomas. unsplash.com/photos/rMmibFe4czYpdating to a liposomal supplement is like making the switch from a rotary phone to the iPhone 6.”

To really grasp just how incredible liposomal technology is, it will help you to have some perspective on where it came from.

Approaching the middle of the 19th century, in the heart of France, two men began quietly experimenting with a medicine dropper, gelatin and an iron tray, to invent the first vitamin pill known to the modern world.

The year was 1834, and Joseph Dublanc, alongside François Mothès, had lit the fuse to set off an explosion of what would someday be a 60 billion dollar a year industry: nutritional supplements.

Almost 200 years have passed, and the majority of our vitamins are still being made using the same basic, primitive method. The simple idea was to mask the taste of the medicinal chemicals which doctors would give to their patients, in the form of an easy-to-swallow tablet.
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Vitamin C has proven effective at assisting our bodies to ward off illnesses and generally promoting a healthy immune system. Many people need to be getting between 65 and 90 mg of vitamin C a day, but some take as much as 1,000 to 2,000 mg a day in an effort to boost the immune system. Why is this? Interestingly, many supplemental products don’t contain the necessary additives to allow the vitamin to be properly absorbed in the body. The answer to properly metabolizing vitamin C (and other valuable nutrients) lies in solubility.

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photo-1437750769465-301382cdf094Many people are needlessly wasting money when purchasing vitamin C supplements. This is because their spending is inefficient. There are two reasons this happens. First, customers are not taking vitamin C with a carrier, which help molecules that allow certain nutrients to be absorbed into the body. The second reason is dietary. Vitamin C exists in a variety of foods.

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linus-pauling-resize-1About Linus Pauling

Linus Carl Pauling was born on February 28, 1901. He had an early interest in science, which prompted him to scrounge for materials in nearby, abandoned factories to conduct chemistry experiments in his garage. Pauling was accepted into Oregon State University when he was fifteen-years-old. The high school principal refused to let Pauling take the last few classes he needed to graduate in conjunction with college courses. Consequently, Pauling did not receive the diploma for nearly five decades, until after he had acquired his second Nobel Prize.

At Oregon State, Pauling routinely outperformed his professors in theory and in the lab. The chemistry staff invited Pauling to lead several undergraduate courses, which taught him how to lecture, but also gave him access to journals. These published groundbreaking studies kept Pauling current with modern experiments and theories.

After graduation, Pauling would go on to work with some of the finest scientists of the 20th century. For winning the Guggenheim Fellowship in 1926, Pauling was trained by Sommerfeld, Niels Bohr, and Erwin Schrödinger, and a few years later worked on the elements of chemical bonds with Robert Oppenheimer.

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photo-1469276093774-c273601c8b02Vitamin C is vital for many of our bodily functions. Positive Health and Wellness explains: Vitamin C is needed for the growth and repair of tissues in all parts of your body, including protein formation, cartilage repair, wound healing, iron absorption, and more. Sadly, many of us are not getting the amount of Vitamin C we need on a daily basis. The body is not able to make Vitamin C on its own, and it does not store Vitamin C, so eating a diet rich in this substance and taking supplements can be helpful. With NanoNutra’s Liposomal Vitamin C, you could achieve higher nutrient absorption than pills, powders, patches, and even IV injections. Whether you suffer from diseased gums, unhealthy skin, Lyme disease, or even cancer, Liposomal technology could provide the nutrients your body needs to help promote its natural healing processes. To experience Liposomal technology for yourself, buy NanoNutra liposomal vitamin C today!

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