7 Effective Ways To Manage Stress

7 Effective Ways To Manage Stress

Stress is a necessary part of life… but it only becomes debilitating when we don’t know how to effectively manage our accumulated stress.

Here are seven effective ways we can pull the carpet out from underneath our mounting stress levels, before it’s too late.


1. Invest in quality sleep

It is absolutely necessary that we prioritize quality sleep in our lives.

Sleep is when our bodies and minds recharge on the deepest level. There is no amount of exercising, journalling, or sweating in a steam room that will make up for consistently poor sleep.

To prioritize quality sleep in your life, do any or all of the following:

– Invest in quality black-out curtains so that your room is pitch black while you’re at rest

– Disengage any involvement with digital devices after 8pm (or at least two hours before your bed time)

– Read fiction as you’re winding down for the day to calm your mind

– Journal out your thoughts in a notebook, that you leave on your bedside table, so that your thoughts aren’t swirling around in your mind when you’re trying to sleep

– Avoid eating (especially carbohydrate heavy foods) within a few hours of your bed time

– Invest in a quality mattress that you sleep well on

2. Prioritize play

As a society, we are chronically malnourished when it comes to the aspect of play in our lives.

We need play to thrive, and not just as children.

Whether your form of play is jamming out some tunes with your musician friends, playing a fast-paced racquet sport with friends, or quietly finger painting by yourself, any form of play is better than none at all.

3. Regularly connect with people you love

We are a social species, and we need each other to thrive.

One of the greatest determining factors of our long-term health is the amount of time that we spend within community and with people that love us.

Prioritize time with friends. Enjoy eating meals with loved ones. Call up your friends regularly and connect offline as often as you can.

4. Create

Whether you think you are or not, we are all creative beings.

Make a fancy meal. Write an extended journal entry or love note to yourself. Take up a new creative hobby like photography, sketching, painting, video editing, or gardening.

5. Exercise

In this tech-heavy world that we live in, it’s all too common for us to feel like walking heads with hands.

It’s so important for us to regularly get into our bodies through movement.

Take a dance class. Go for extended walks in nature. Sign up for a yoga class with a friend.

The more you can access the flow state of getting into your body through exercise, the better.

6. Be generous with your energy

While investing in our self-care, it’s all too easy to become overly concerned with only ourselves. At a certain point in our journey, we have to remember that we are not only here to serve ourselves, but also to serve others.

Look outside of yourself… who else could you lend a hand to that you know of? Who needs emotional support? Who needs you to fix something for them around their homes? Who do you think could benefit from sitting down for a home-cooked meal prepared by your loving hands? What gift could you send someone that would make them light up brighter than the moon?

Help others. Contribute to the lives of the people you love. Be generous with your energy.

7. Investing in quality nutrition

One of the best ways to effectively manage your stress on the cellular level is making sure that you have optimal levels micronutrients flowing through your body.

Superdosing on vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin b12, and omega 3 fish oils have all been proven to have a multitude of health benefits for our mental and emotional well being.

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