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Liposomal Vitamin D3 & K2


NanoNutra’s Liposomal Vitamin D3 K2 features an optimal blend of Vitamin D3 (2500iu) and Vitamin K2 (200mcg).

Lipsomal Vitamin D3 supports healthy absorption of calcium while Lipsomal Vitamin K2 directs calcium to the bones, preventing it from depositing on the arteries and joints. This Vitamin D3 K2 combination provides bone support, promotes heart health and helps boost immunity.

  • Supports healthy skeletal, dental, heart and cardiovascular systems
  • Promotes healthy muscle function
  • Improves mood and clears brain fog
  • Vegetarian friendly - No GMO’s, soy, gluten or sugar

    Liposomal Vitamin B12 is part of the Resilience and Relaxation Range of our Best Self System

    The NanoNutra Resilience Range gives you the ability to recover quickly from immune system strain and bounce back to your top form. Our Relaxation Range builds inner strength by combatting the performance and confidence drain that stress creates. Liposomal Vitamin D3 K2 helps build both Resilience and Relaxation by promoting healthy muscle function and clearing brain fog.

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    Our Best Self System™

    We believe in achieving your best self. The Best Self System™ is designed around three core areas of health: ResilienceRecovery and Relaxation.


    When resilience, recovery and relaxation are in alignment, your potential is maximized to achieve your fitness goals. When one area is unbalanced, it strains and depletes the others. A Best Self™ approach works to balance each area with the right fuel.

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