Have you ever taken supplements and wondered if anything is actually happening?

It is a problem that plagues millions of people who are just trying to live a healthier and happier lifestyle. 

If supplements aren't doing what they are supposed to then you are not only wasting your time and money, more importantly, you are not improving your health. 

Are liposomes the answer?

Traditionally supplements are taken in tablet form. They are swallowed, make their way to your digestive system, where they are broken up and absorbed into the body. The problem is, only a fraction of the nutrients survive the digestive process. So you lose most of the good stuff your body needs to support its natural defences.

On the other hand, supplements taken in liposome form are mostly absorbed into the body before they reach the digestive system. This means that you get more of the supplements you pay for into your body.

Here is more on how liposomes do this and the science to back it up...

How liposomes work

This 60-second video goes a little deeper into the science of liposomes and shows you how they work with your body to get more nutrients into your bloodstream.

What do the scientists say?

In a study from 2008, it was determined that liposomal encapsulated vitamin C had double the amount of bioavailability than standard vitamin C supplements (Richards).

Three years later in 2011, another test was done using liposomal peptides. By themselves, peptides are amino acids that usually get broken down very quickly in the digestive system. But after it was tested with a liposomal shell, there was a 400% increase of bioavailability in the body of the test subject (Richards).

There was also a research paper published that same year in the Journal of Drug Delivery which outlined the ability that liposomes have to deliver nutrients to targeted cells in the body. Liposomes were determined to be a great way to keep the immune system strong and reduce chronic inflammation, which is a condition that often results in more serious diseases if it is not treated.

The conclusion that was made from these research studies is that the phospholipids of the liposomes prevent the nutrients from being degraded and increase their bioavailability in the body as a result.

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