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What is Liposomal Technology?

NanoNutra’s Liposomal Supplements combine nature and science to unlock your optimal health and wellbeing.

So How Does It Work?

Less than 20% of the supplements you currently take are actually absorbed by your body. The rest are ‘destroyed’ by digestion. And if you only absorb 20% of your supplement, then you only get 20% of the health benefits.

That’s why we’ve taken a technology long used and trusted in the delivery of medicines and applied it to your most important daily vitamin supplements—a process called Liposomal delivery.

One of the most amazing scientific breakthroughs in recent history, this unique process combines nature and science to allow your body to absorb up to 9 times more than regular supplements. That means you actually get the benefits of the supplements you’re paying for.

With Liposomal technology, the supplement is broken down into tiny micro particles and wrapped in a layer of fat. This combination is able pass through the gut lining without being digested (unlike your other supplements), carrying your vitamins into the bloodstream to be directly absorbed by your cells.

This advanced technology represents a huge step forward in supplemental nutrition. That’s why we believe in it, and that’s why we’re committed to providing you with the most effective and efficient vitamins and nutrients that nature and science have to offer.

Liposomal Absorption Rate