5 Simple Steps To The Perfect Morning Routine

5 Simple Steps To The Perfect Morning Routine

Whether it’s ringing phones, beeping alarm clocks, or kids jumping on the bed… there are so many ways that our mornings can be taken away from us.

When you start off your morning in a reactive state, you feel like you’re on your heels the entire day. You run from task to task, always feeling like you’re behind on life… rapidly reacting instead of calmly responding.

But if you carve out even a few minutes in the morning for yourself, you’ll be in a calmer, more grounded proactive state… and you will have control over your schedule, your mind, and your emotions for the entirety of the day.

Here are the five simple steps to cultivating the perfect morning routine. These tips work regardless of whether you have two minutes or two hours to yourself.


1. Wake up slowly

Upon first waking up in your bed, take a few seconds to leave your body in the position that you woke up in.

Don’t immediately shoot out of bed. Don’t immediately turn over and check your phone to see if any new important emails came through. Don’t immediately rush to check if your partner stole the blankets while you were asleep.

Just BE exactly where you are for a moment.

Once your mind has woken up a bit more, you’ve acclimated to where you are, then it’s time to…

2. Breathe

Engaging in a conscious breath practice (which can be as simple or as elaborate as you want it to be) first thing in the morning does wonders for your sense of mental groundedness for the rest of your day.

An example of a simple practice could be taking in three deep, slow breaths before you move. And an example of a more complex breath practice could be doing box breathing (four seconds in, four second hold, four seconds out, four second hold, repeat) for a number of minutes… or engaging in holotropic breathing, or the Wim Hoff method.

Whichever style of breath work you choose to engage in, make sure it’s something that feels simple, sustainable, and intrinsically rewarding for you.

3. Drink water

At this point in your day, it’s likely that you’ve been fasting for anywhere from 8-14 hours. In order to wake your organs up, and get all of the internal gears moving like clockwork, it’s beneficial to drink a large glass of water first thing in the morning. Bonus point if you drink lemon water or alkaline water.

You can set your water out the night before on your bedside table so you can drink it down before you even leave your bed.

4. Move your body

The older we get, the more achey we can become through the night.

After downing your glass of water, it’s time to move your body.

Stand up and do some light stretching. Go for a half-hour walk in nature without your phone. Call up your friend and go for a bike ride together.

Whatever you do, find an exercise practice that is fun for you, and commit to doing it regularly.

5. Start your day off with the right supplements

While a whole food breakfast is always recommend (lots of steamed vegetables, dark leafy greens, and scrambled eggs with a grass fed butter should do the trick), certain supplements are an amazing well-rounded addition to any whole food based diet.

Whether you take a tablespoon of curcumin, vitamin C, or glutathione with your breakfast, you can’t go wrong with the superior absorption rates of NanoNutra liposomal delivery.

You can add your supplements to your morning water, green smoothies, or just drink them straight off of the spoon.

What do you do for your regular morning routine? Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments below.