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NanoNutra FAQ'S

How do liposomes work?

Liposome’s maximize the absorption of nutrients by using microscopic liquid-filled spheres made from essential fatty acids or phospholipids.

The Liposomes act as shields protecting the nutrients from destruction in the digestive system, allowing for seamless deliver of nutrients to the body’s cells.

Within minutes of ingesting, the liposomes enter the bloodstream intact and release their active nutrients directly to the cells.

See how liposomes work here.

Are your products vegetarian or vegan?

All our products are vegan friendly (no Soy, GMO's, or glutan) with the exception of our Vitamin D3 K2 product which is vegetarian friendly (made from lanolin).

Is there any added sugar in your products?

No, there is no added sugar in our products!

Is there any MSG in your products?

No, there is no MSG in our products!

Has this product or the liposomes been tested for particle size?

Yes, according to the most recent testing the liposomes had the following parameters: 49.2 – 238.2 nm

What tests are conducted to measure the liposome size?

The measurements are carried using a dynamic light scattering instrument from Brookhaven instrument Corp (Model ZetaPALS)

Is the product tested for encapsulation?

Yes we do have a protocol but this process is proprietary.