Meet Michael

The Story of NanoNutra

NanoNutra founder, Michael Muscari is a lifestyle architect, serial entrepreneur, biohacker, and purpose seeker. But those labels don’t tell the true story.


Michael has always been a high performer, whether in sports, business, or relationships. For a time this tendency towards performance was his only known mode of operation. While this might sound bad-ass, it became a negative force. Here’s why: it became clear that his highly successful career as a financial strategist was a sham. Sure, he was the top performer in his office, but he realized that it meant nothing to be the top performer in a field where you have no love.

He wasn’t serving the world in the way he personally valued, instead living for the acceptance of others based on his performance. Michael was ready for change but didn’t know how. Then he read a (now well-known) book, The 4-Hour Workweek, by savant, Tim Ferriss. Ferris had figured out how to run a successful company without killing himself from overwork. He travelled the world, and it was this freedom that grabbed Michael. The book helped him remember himself.

“Is this real?” said Michael, “Can I deploy my entrepreneurial talents towards something I actually love?” Yes you can. Because here’s what we haven’t told you about Michael yet. Sure he was living a lie in some ways. But he never stopped living his truth in other ways.

As he rose to the top in his career by an unrelenting pursuit of excellence he continued to be of service, volunteering as a big brother, leader of a young professionals organization and was on several nonprofit boards. At play he went full out: rock-climbing, mountain-biking, moto-cross, and fast cars.

With the 4-Hour Workweek piece in place, Michael continued searching and ended up at a personal development retreat, which only served vegetarian food. Going into the retreat, he expected to hate the vegetarian lifestyle, but after a couple days in the retreat, he quickly realized he’d never go back to being a meatatarian. 

After the retreat, he knew that to function at his best, he needed massive doses of greens daily. Soon he found a product called Jade Greenzymes, which kept him feeling good, but it stuck to the glass and tasted like grass [internal dialogue: “You’re not a cow, Michael. You don’t have to eat grass.”]

Suddenly there were several factors coalescing. Let’s review: Living a lie at work + 4-Hour Workweek Awareness + Vegetarian + Wanting to live in alignment + a product that needs innovation + being a kick-ass entrepreneur = lightbulb.

It was clear to Michael that most people weren’t cows and wouldn’t want to take a supplement that tasted like grass, so he went to work innovating a green supplement that didn’t taste like grass. Through some magic we have yet to decipher… it worked!

He created and launched a green supplement called ImmunitySupport+ in a tablet form. Finally a green supplement with all the benefits [without the grassy flavor].

Sort of.

Because, you see, this is where the Nanonutra story begins. Michael, as we’ve already said, is always looking to improve on the status quo. And as he continued to biohack, test on himself, and educate himself on the power of supplementation, Michael soon learned that he (and all supplement-takers) were [literally] pissing away most of the good stuff, even his beloved ImmunitySupport+.

It hurt.

That neon-yellow pee after taking supplements means your body isn’t absorbing the nutrient — up to 80% in most oral delivery supplements. He was sad, but instead of lamenting, Michael went in search of solutions, soon learning that the medical and pharmaceutical industry had solved the absorption problem years ago.

Here’s an industry spending billions of dollars on scientific research every year. Of course they solved it. The solution: liposomal technology.

“If I create supplements using liposomal technology, I’ll solve the absorption problem, too.” said Michael to himself. He didn’t want his customers to only absorb 20% of the good stuff. He wanted them to absorb 100%. That still wasn’t possible, even with liposomal technology, but at least he could dramatically increase that number.

He knew from that moment on that he would be an early adopter and innovator, bringing liposomal supplements to the marketplace.

Because forward thinking families, biohackers, and people with autoimmune malfunctions deserve a supplement that will do what they need it to. Micheal hasn’t looked back since launching his line of liposomal supplements.

Today, Nanonutra sells a full line of supplements, all using liposomal technology. These supplements deliver the nutrients they were intended to, and you can bet that Nanonutra will continue to innovate in this space.