How Liposomal Vitamin C Promotes Happiness and Health

How Liposomal Vitamin C Promotes Happiness and Health

The human body does not produce many of the chemicals it needs for survival and so must get them from the environment. Eating a proper diet and taking the right supplements can ensure a happier and healthier lifestyle. Liposomal vitamin C supplements are an exciting new product that safely and effectively brings a necessary nutrient to anyone’s diet.

With the profusion of dietary supplements available to consumers, it is difficult to choose the right one for an individual person’s health needs. There has lately been a lot of press regarding the tall tales told by supplement makers who are misleading about the manufacturing process used and supplement content.

Benefits of Vitamin C

A little bit of knowledge goes a long way, so take a quick dive into the benefits of vitamin C supplements, new liposomal products, and how to find the best products. Informed consumers will make the healthiest choices for them and their families. Here are a few important facts about vitamin C:

  • Vitamin C is a well-known nutrient that plays a key role in maintaining health. With a good diet high in vitamin C and the proper supplements, one can live longer, happier and healthier.
  • Vitamin C is the key to maintaining blood vessel and cartilage tissues. In fact, the process through which our body generates the energy needed to maintain internal temperature requires vitamin C as an enzyme enabler.
  • A diet rich in vitamin C allows our bodies to more easily process norepinephrine and dopamine, two very important neurotransmitters related to mood. Vitamin C also allows enzymes in the human body to regulate hormone levels.
  • Vitamin C is found in high concentrations in immune cells and is depleted during infections. It is known to help the immune system fight disease by improving its ability to adhere to and eliminate toxins.

Vitamin C is one of the most important nutrients found in the human diet. However, many foods lack the levels needed for optimal health. Additionally, like all dietary nutrients, vitamin C has a flaw – the body destroys some of it before it can be processed. Vitamin C found in food is especially susceptible to this as it contains less of the nutrient by volume than is found in a supplement pill. This means that when a person consumes vitamin C through food, much of it is lost before the body can utilize it.

New Advances in Supplements

Supplements can help in maintaining the proper levels of vitamin C. In the past, it was necessary to take higher supplement doses more frequently to get the proper levels of vitamin C in the diet. This is why many supplements have dosages accounting for up to 1,000% of the FDA recommended levels. Today, however, new technologies such as liposomes re making lower does supplements far more effective.

The human digestive system is highly complicated, and as researchers gain a better understanding of how it performs its functions, they have applied this knowledge to making better delivery systems for drugs and nutrient supplements. A revolutionary concept, utilizing state-of-the-art technology from targeted drug manufacturers, called liposomal dietary supplement delivery can allow the body to absorb far more vitamin C more easily.


A liposome is like a biological messenger, guarding its package until it reaches its destination. With liposomes, scientists have developed drugs that can treat disease more quickly and effectively, lessening the amount consumed. This technology has transformed how drugs are made, and safer and more effective drugs are now broadly available.

Until recently, this technology was not available for dietary supplements. Now, however, supplement manufacturers are using liposomes to deliver the nutrients where they are needed faster and better. This means smaller doses and better supplements for the consumer.


Liposomal vitamin C can bring all of the health benefits of the nutrient with far less effort. When made properly, these supplements are vast improvements over those previously available. With the seemingly endless rows of supplements at the supermarket, however, making the right supplement choice can be confusing.

There are many factors influencing the quality of liposomal health products. A manufacturer needs to have a comprehensive grasp of how the human body processes vitamin C in order to make adequate liposomes. They must also consider the proper dosage, shelf life, and a myriad of other factors to make an effective liposomal vitamin C product. How can you be sure the product you are purchasing was manufactured by a company with adequate knowledge?

The wise consumer will need help researching and finding the best liposomal vitamin C manufacturers and products. However, you can make an informed decision by keeping the following information in mind when evaluating liposomal product manufactures:

  • Advanced knowledge. Manufacturers of liposomal products must understand the complex variables involved in liposomal supplement production. They must have advanced knowledge of the nutrient and how it interacts with the intended delivery system. Is the manufacturer operating with the most up-to-date knowledge and technology?
  • Raw materials. A manufacturer’s raw materials must be suitable to the chemical they intend to deliver with liposomes Does the product list all its ingredients?
  • The manufacturing process must be able to create homogenous outputs, meaning they should have no tolerance for errors. Does the manufacturer guarantee a certain amount of vitamin C per dose?

Do not make the wrong choice when considering your health needs. Liposomal vitamin C supplements cost more than their traditional counterparts; a little bit of research will help take the stress out of the buying process.

If you want to be sure you’re getting the best possible supplements, backed by research and quality manufacturing processes, sign up today for the subscription and make all the right choices when it comes to your nutritional supplements.